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Yondon Otgonbayar


Dr. OTGONBAYAR Yondon is currently Ambassador-Designate of Mongolia to the United States of America.
As all the Mongolians, he goes by one name, Otgonbayar, and Yondon is his father's name and used as a family name in Western-style documents. Also he is known as Yondongiin Otgonbayar, as Mongolians call themselves, which literally can be translated as "Otgonbayar, (son) of Yondon".   

He was born in 1965 in capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Graduated from school No. 52 of Ulaanbaatar city, Dr. Otgonbayar served his military service from 1982-1983 in the 282th infantry regiment of the Mongolian Army.
He  studied in Moscow Institute (University) of International Relations from 1983 to 1989. Later Dr. Otgonbayar studied in the Institute of Marketing and Management in New Delhi, India from 1994-1995. In 2005 he was awarded PhD (History) degree in the Moscow Institute (University) of International Relations in Moscow, Russian Federation for a research thesis on “Some aspects of security of small states”.
In 1989-1991 he worked as an attaché and first secretary in the Asia Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mongolia, served as second secretary of the Embassy of Mongolia in New Delhi, India in 1991-1996. Dr. Otgonbayar was sent as a representative to the First Committee of the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1996-1997.

Then he worked as General manager and Managing Director of Bayangol Hotel, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in 1997-2000.
In 2000 he returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia to serve as first secretary of Policy Planning Department of the Ministry. From 2001 to 2004 he was appointed as Foreign Policy advisor to the Prime Minister.
In 2004-2007 Dr. Otgonbayar was elected Secretary of Mongolian
People’s Party (then Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party), while serving as Chairman of Capital City Party Committee in 2006-2007. At the XXV Congress of MPP in 2007 he was elected as Secretary General of MPP.
He served as Minister of Education, Culture and Science of Mongolia in 2008-2012. In 2012 he was elected as Member of Parliament from Bulgan province of Mongolia. In the Parliament Dr. Otgonbayar was elected as the chairman of the sub-committee on human rights.
In 2016 Dr. Otgonbayar was appointed as Vice Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports of Mongolia. Early 2017 he was appointed as Ambassador of Mongolia to the United States of America.
Dr. Otgonbayar was decorated by the Order of the Red Banner of Labour in recognition of his contribution to the solution of “Rouble Debt” to the former USSR.​

Selected works by Yondon Otgonbayar

Yondon Otgonbayar, Some aspects of security of small states, PhD (History) research thesis, Moscow Institute (University) of International Relations, 2005.
Yondon Otgonbayar, Монголын тусгаар тогтнолын товчоон: Талд ассан түймэр (1900-1915) (Mongolyn tusgaar togtnolyn tovchoon: Tald assan tuimer (1900-1915),Chronicles of Mongolian independence series: Fire across the steppes (1900-1915)), Selenge Press, 2015. 
Yondon Otgonbayar, Монголын тусгаар тогтнолын товчоон: Ээдрээт цагийн бичээс (1915-1924) (Mongolyn tusgaar togtnolyn tovchoon: Eedreet Tsagyn Bichees (1915-1924), Chronicles of Mongolian independence series: Saga of turbulent years (1915-1924)), Selenge Press, 2015.

Yondon Otgonbayar, Монголын тусгаар тогтнолын товчоон: Дэлхийн их хувьсгалын сүүдэрт (1924-1933) (Mongolyn tusgaar togtnolyn tovchoon: Delkhiin ikh khuvisgalyn suudert (1924-1933), Chronicles of Mongolian independence series: In the shadow of World Revolution (1924-1933)), Selenge Press, 2016.

Yondon Otgonbayar, Монголын тусгаар тогтнолын товчоон: Тусгаар тогтнолын үнэ цэнэ (Mongolyn tusgaar togtnolyn tovchoon: Tusgaar togtnolyn une tsene (1934-1945), Chronicles of Mongolian independence series: The cost of independence (1934-1945)), Selenge Press, 2016. 

Yondon Otgonbayar, Түүхэн эрхмүүдийн цадиг: Чин Ван Ханддорж (Tuukhen erkhmuudiin tsadig: Chin Van Khanddorj, Life stories of remarkable people: Chin Van Handdorj), NEPCO, 2016.

Yondon Otgonbayar, Түүхэн эрхмүүдийн цадиг: Дашийн Дамба (Tuukhen erkhmuudiin tsadig: Dashiin Damba, Life stories of remarkable people: Dashiin Damba), NEPCO, (in printing),

Yondon Otgonbayar, “Nomadic civilization and Mongolia" in R.C. Sharma & Sh. Bira (eds), Mongolia and India: Experiences and Interactions, 1991.

Yondon Otgonbayar, “Limited player’s game”, Optimum (Mongolia Development Strategy Institute Journal), vol.1, 2005. 

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