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  1. Founder and Chairman of the Board, Member of Mongolia's Parliament, former Prime Minister and Chairman of Mongolian People's Party
  2. Executive Director, former Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy and Member of Parliament
  3. Founding member of the Board, Member of Parliament, former Minister for Constraction and Urban Development and Minister for Environment and Tourism
  4. Founding member of the Board, Deputy Minister for Education, Culture and Science, former Member of Parliament
  5. Member of the Board, Director General of Economic Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  6. Member of the Board, Member of Parliament
Hon. Dr. Sukhbaatar Batbold
Dr. Dashdorj Zorigt
Hon. Damdin Tsogtbaatar
Dr. Yondon Otgonbayar
Dr. Vorshilov Enkhbold
Hon. Dr. Dorjdamba Damba-Ochir
  1. Member of the Board, Deputy CEO of Erdenes MGL
  2. Member of the Board, former Advisor to the Prime Minister
Mr. Odonchimed Odbayar
Mr. Sosorbaram Enkhbayar