Dedicated to public policy through knowledge-based research 


       Me and my like-minded friends initiated the foundation of MDSI because Mongolia needs a smart, research-, evidence- and knowledge-based public policy. Of course, any country needs such policies, however, for Mongolia the need is even more acute.
       Mongolia is a country that is finishing the transition towards democratic political system and market economy. When it started no one had been equipped with full and ready-to-make knowledge on how to do it. All Mongolians came from the old system and the knowledge, experience, mentality have all been anchored to the past.    
       It is our belief that Mongolia, however, does not have to invent the wheel. There is a rich body of experience from many countries around the world who have been undertaking this road with various degrees of success. Ours is the Third wave of global transition towards democracy and market economy. So, the successes and failures are abundant. We have to learn from these experiences, adapt them to our realities and devise our own ways based on the knowledge that has been accumulated internationally.
       Of course, it is easier said than done. Accessing the knowledge requires a certain level of education, training and simple willingness to learn new approaches. There is a need of constant effort to instill the habit of research and analysis in public policy-making in Mongolia. 
       MDSI should serve as a bridge to this knowledge, a path to researching and integrating it to Mongolian realities. Over the last decade and more, MDSI has been engaging with various partners and will continue to work actively towards this goal.
      It has to be highlighted that, while the institute is devoted to public policy, it is completely a privately funded initiative. We believe in the importance of private initiative and transparent debate in the public policy and MDSI strives to serve as an important channel of such debate.  

        As stated in our objectives, the MDSI is an institution to collect knowledge and conduct research, a forum for debate and a platform to synthesize common views on major public policy issues that affect Mongolia’s development.

       First of all, why public policy? The initiators of the MDSI were public policy practitioners themselves at some point of their careers and they all knew how profoundly country’s development and lives of people are shaped by public policy. Law, policy document, instruments of their implementation may seem far removed from everyday life, but at the end of the day these determine the destinies of countries and people. Thus, the focus on public policy.

     Second, why knowledge and research? The founders acutely felt the shortcomings of how public policy is developed in Mongolia. For it to be successful and stable, it needed knowledge accumulated globally, experiences of various countries that went along this path, research on how to adapt it to Mongolian realities. This was not totally absent, but lacking. Thus, MDSI stepped in to fill the gap.

       Third, why debate and synthesize? Mongolian democracy is young and public policy development instruments are still being cultivated. For major public policy decisions not to be subjugated by special-interest groups, transparent consultation is required. Hence, the MDSI serves as forum for debate among the various stakeholders and a platform to synthesize common views.

       Publications and meetings are our main format of activity.  Our members undertake research in their respective fields and the institution seeks to encourage debate and formulation of public policy around these areas.

    We are open to cooperation with organizations domestically and abroad to pursue the objectives of our institution for the development of Mongolia.