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Dr. Dashdorj Zorigt

Selected writings and speeches by Dashdorj Zorigt

Dashdorj Zorigt, Corporate Governance of China's SOEs: Dynamic Mechanisms That Make it Work (Or Not), LLD Thesis at Kyushu University, 24 March 2017 

Revenue watch,et al, Mining contracts: How to read and understand them, Contributor Dashdorj Zorigt, 2013, available at
Dashdorj Zorigt, Mongolia and the security on the Korean Peninsula (upcoming, Geopolitical Intellegence Services) 

Dashdorj Zorigt, Mongolia's June Election and their impact, 22 July 2016, Geopolitical Intellegence Services, available at,politics,1924,report.html

Dashdorj Zorigt, Focus on Mongolia: walking the foreign policy tightrope (Part 2), 10 December 2015, Geopolitical Intellegence Services, available at,politics,143,report.html
Dashdorj Zorigt, Focus on Mongolia: walking the foreign policy tightrope (Part 1), 9 December 2015, Geopolitical Intellegence Services, available at,politics,142,report.html

Mr. Dashdorj Zorigt (Minister of Minerals and Energy, Parliament of Mongolia) at the Foreign Affairs and International Development Committee, Parliament of Canada, November 16th, 2010, available at

Dashdorj Zorigt, "Risks and Opportunities of Resource Extraction: Resource Curse and Beyond", Presentation at Conference Sustainable Management of Extractive Sector, Guyana, 14-15 November 2012, available at
Dashdorj Zorigt at plenary session "Managing Natural Resources for Growth", Challenges of Government Conference 2012, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, available at 
Grace Brown, Talk With Me Zorigt Dashdorj, Star TV, 16 February 2016 available at

                    Zorigt Dashdorj is Executive Director of Mongolia
                 Development Strategy Institute.

         As all the Mongolians, he goes by one name, Zorigt, and Dashdorj is his father's name and used as the family name in Western-style documents. Also he is known as Dashdorjiin Zorigt, as Mongolians call themselves, which literally can be translated as "Zorigt, (son) of Dashdorj".   

As former Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy of Mongolia (2008-2012) and Member of Parliament (2009-2012), he is one of most prominent figures in Mongolia's mining and energy sectors. During his tenure, multi-billion dollar mining and energy projects were signed or initiated, propelling Mongolia to become one of the fastest growing frontier economies. He is a strong backer of renewable energies and with his strong support international banks invested in the first commercial scale wind farm in Mongolia. This is the first, and so far the last, public-private partnership infrastruture projet in Mongolia. 

Prior to becoming a government minister, Dashdorj Zorigt was the founding chief executive officer of a state-owned mining company Erdenes MGL in charge of strategic mining projects. He served more than 10 years in public service as director of policy planning in the Ministry of Industry and Trade and economic cooperation policy planning at the Ministry of Finance and Economy. Dashdorj Zorigt started his career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and served as attache, Deputy Director for Strategic Planning and Coordination and First Secretary of Mongolia's Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

Currently, he has a private consulting business and serves on corporate board of directors of several prominent Mongolian companies. 

Zorigt was selected as Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum (class 2010) (see and Asia Society's Asia 21 Young Leader (class 2008) (see    

Dashdorj Zorigt obtained LLD (Doctor of Laws) and LLM from Kyushu University, Japan, MA in International Relations from the Australian National University and MA in Political Science from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). 

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