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Honorable Ambassador Damdin Tsogtbaatar


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Damdin Tsogtbaatar, Why the World Should Help Mongolia Save Its Endangered Gobi Bear

Damdin Tsogtbaatar, Mongolia’s WTO Accession: Expectations and Realities of WTO Membership  

               As all the Mongolians, he goes by one name, Tsogtbaatar, and
            Damdin is his father's name and used as a family name in Western-
    style documents. Also he is known as Damdiny or Damdingiin Tsogtbaatar, as Mongolians call themselves, which literally can be translated as "Tsogtbaatar, (son) of Damdin".   

Born: 1970, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

1994-1996 Desk-officer in charge of Australia, New Zealand and ASEAN countries in the Asia and Africa Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Mongolia.
1996-1998 WTO Desk-officer for the Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, MFA of Mongolia.
1998-2000 Deputy Director of the Department of Multilateral Cooperation at the MFA of Mongolia.
2002-2008 Foreign Policy Advisor to two Presidents of Mongolia.
2008-2009 State Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2012-2013 Minister for Nature, Environment and Tourism of Mongolia.
2015-2016 Minister of Construction and Urban Development of Mongolia.
Since 2016 Member of the Parliament of Mongolia.
He was appointed as CEO of Xillion LLC and BOD Chairman of Lynx Power Core LLC in September 2012, which he served until was appointed to public office in 2015. 
Education: Received his master’s degree in legal studies (international law) from the Australian National University School of Law (with Distinction), and also master’s degree in political science (with Hon.) from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Russia.
He was a part-time lecturer in international trade law at the School of Foreign Service, National University of Mongolia.

His publications include WTO related articles, which were published in London, Boston and Cambridge.
Hobby/interest: His hobby is Judo. He was titled as Silver medalist in National Junior Judo "Suragch" Competition in 1986. He is an initiator and member of Judo Intellect Club.
Fluent in Russian and English, also speaks Khmer and Thai.

He is married, with two children.

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