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N.Korea expressed support for Mongolia’s ‘Ulaanbaatar Dialogue’ 
8 February 2018 
Mongolia and IMF agree to review the previous agreement 
8 February 2018
Invest Mongolia 2017 conference 

Hon. Amb. Damdin Tsogtbaatar, Board member for MDSI, Member of Parliament, Chaired the Ambassadors' panel during Invest Mongolia 2017 conference.
"IMF program for Mongolia is born out of necessity. It is not IMF who wants to give money to Mongolia, it is Mongolia which needs this money. Those who blame the program do not understand that Mongolia needs this to pay back its existing debt... The problem in Mongolia is its outsized government bureaucracy and the burden it brings on tax payers. With no foreign investment, only domestic taxpayers will have to carry this burden."
Damdin Tsogtbaatar, 5 September 2017

Dr. Dashdorj Zorigt, Executive Director of MDSI, chaired the Chambers panel and participated in the PPP panel.
"For the last 10 years, the only successful PPP project in Mongolia was the Salkhit Wind Farm. This was only due to the fact that Renewable Energy Law clearly established the process and tariffs. Otherwise, no investor has invested in roads, coal power plants, or municipal facilities. The government needs to change the law and stabilize the policy if it wants to do PPP projects. Law needs to clearly state that if private sector wants to do the PPP project with clearly defined and reasonable profit margins, government should not do this project with its soft loans or budget funding. BOT should clearly have priority over BT projects. PPP projects need to be clearly approved by the Parliament and be stable, without mutually cannibalizing projects."
Dashdorj Zorigt, 5 September 2017

During the visit by Foreign Minister of Mongolia Damdin Tsogtbaatar to Pyongyang, North Korea expressed its support for Mongolia's initiative "Ulaanbaatar Dialogue".   According to the Mongolian government news agency Montsame, "Minister D.Tsogtbaatar congratulated for recommencement of talks between DPRK and the Republic of Korea and decision to participate jointly in PyongChang Winter Olympics.
He also expressed his hope that the talks will continue further and give an important impetus to stabilize the region." 
D.Tsogtbaatar is a founding Board Member of Mongolia Development Strategy Institute  
Mongolia and IMF reaches a staff-level agreement, as was announced during a joint press conference, on a completion of the third review under the Extended Fund Facility. Minister of Finance Ch.Khurelbaatar announced that “it became brighter in Mongolia’s economy and the morning is here” thanks to the help from the IMF and other donors. He announced during the press conference that the agreement has been reached, first, to bring the level of personal income tax back to flat 10 percent, second, the retirees will have a choice of retiring either at the currently mandated age of 55 and 60 for women and men respectively or at later age as was agreed previously with the IMF, third, public sector wages will be increased in the fourth quarter of 2018 in accordance with inflation. 
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Features articles written by our experts on security of small states, specific features of corporate governance in China’s state-owned enterprises, Mongolia’s international trade policy, history of Russia’s noble families that originate from Mongolian and Tatar nobles among others. As usual, the articles are written either in Mongolian, English or Russian languages as they were written for different pubications or events.    
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News and events

Northeast Asia Regional Meeting 2017​​

On June 21st-23rd, 2017, the APLN co-hosted the APLN Northeast Regional Meeting with the Mongolia Development Strategy Institute. It was participated by 23 experts and covered a broad range of topics such as key national perspectives of North Korea nuclear issues, maintaining the effectiveness of the NPT, and a Northeast Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone. Among the participants were former Under-Secretary General and Assistant-Secretary General of the United Nations, former Ministers and Ambassadors, highly regarded researchers in the region. 

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